Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back from the DEAD.

It's been an incredibly long time since I have been here. I thoroughly miss it.

We are back in school. I am completely ecstatic to be a sophomore yet I'm not. Doesn't sophomore year usually suck? Anyways I will make the best of it.

Few things I want to try this year:
-Clarinet Choir
- Pep Band
-District Honor Band
-Solo and Ensemble Fest.
-Passing the wonderful AP tests this year
Wow most of it was related to band. I shouldn't be surprised.

By the way, stop global warming and save the pandas.

Harry Potter Series ended happily. (in my opinion)

Well I'm too lazy to put up some pics right now so maybe next time. I'll just keep on typing words.

I have a rather small happiness inside me saying we might win grand champion this year in marching band. Hopefully. We have really great Seniors that truly deserve to get it this year. All their dedication is thoroughly appreciated.

Well that's about it. I think I have a lot more to say. Anyways Happy Happy Day.