Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy October 31st

I felt that since two other people updated their blogs tonight that I should conform.

During school, I have been enjoying our wonderful discussions in my IB English class with Mr. House. Just recently we talked about the common logical fallacies of life (which proved to be scarily accurate) and of course our general discussion of dystopian culture and literature. Mr. House is an incredible teacher. He is very entertaining and might I add extremely hilarious (especially since Josh and I already have a twisted kind of humor). I've learned so much so far from vocabulary (which actually appears on SAT stuff..hmmmm) to the denial of objective reality. This is crazy class but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Hart is tomorrow. Enough Said.

Juggling school, band, and life has really been a challenge this year. With all this politcal frenzy and what not, life is sure hectic about now. It's okay though everyone goes through what I have to so why do I get the right to complain?

Passing out candy is very boring. My face hurts from smiling and pretending that I really mean my "you're welcome...happy too!...". It's always like this every year but this time I brought my guitar out to play at the porch and made it pretty obvious at how annoyed I am when people start walking up to me. We (haha I keep saying we but really it was just me by myself passing out while my family was sleeping or playing xbox) actually ran out of drugs. It's sad. I talked to Josh for a while (sorry that was long if you happen to be reading this bud) during my passing out period which was funny because he could hear my "you're welcome" every now and then. I closed up at 9 which is pretty late but it was nice sitting outside in the chillness of night. Oh I did have a brother Caleb. It's funny because he went out to collect candy from our neighbors then he'd come back to me and deliberately empty the contents of his bag except for a select few into the passing out bowl. Then I knowingly distribute this candy to our neighbors. Isn't that great?

No pictures tonight. Sorry.

I realize how awful I write on my blog. It's just that I save that formality and proper grammar for essays. It's weird... I can only write well to an extent in a given time period so I don't want to use it up now. Oh math portfolio is done. I hated it.

I don't know how to dance like Josh, Julia, and Marcea since I have not participated in a formal quince, but a few weeks back I learned some salsa dancing. It's an intimate dance and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone (if you will) since some guys tend to be possessive/touchy/ have desire to lead/to appear like a man. I was extremely flattered yet felt really violated (in a non serious type of way) when they were trying to teach me how to move in that 8 motion (more like the infinity sign) with my torso. This is really hard to do especially since marching band has conditioned me to walk like a man (not really) but to walk straight with no bounce or excessive hip motion. Yes that's my excuse for my inability to dance. I don't plan on continuing to learn although my parents attend frequent ballroom sessions at a studio (run by Filipino people). They are quite good at it and they definitely enjoy it to the max.

I can't say I have been the happiest person lately but I'm hanging in there for those who remotely care. Anyways I will be seeing most of you guys tomorrow at Hart. Till then...Happy Weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't Worry I'm Still Alive

Wow. I haven't updated in a long time. Anyways I give thanks to those who actually read my blog. :D

School and band are pretty much the usual. Let's see I'll just list it: football games, pep band, AVC symphonic band, AVC clarinet choir, and T of R auditions. I truly do enjoy doing all of this even though school in conjunction with this is really difficult. Music is a pretty essential part of my life and getting section leader next year would seriously make me the happiest kid in this world. But who I am kidding, I most probably won't get it since there's better people out there who are louder, more assertive, and ultimately a better leader than I could ever become...

This next couple weeks are going to be insane. I have T of R auditions this Sunday and PSATs the following Saturday. We have also been assigned our first math portfolio for the IB program in this span of two weeks. I recently can't speak English properly. I make a lot of grammatical errors while talking.

The following SNL parody of the VP debate Josh sent me was pretty hilarious. This Sarah Palin Debate flow chart is also pretty fun too. Although it has some profanity (sorry), I thought it was pretty clever. I love people sometimes. Thanks bud...

I finally have my first article in the QHHS Ubiquity! Although you most probably don't care about the paper, I was thoroughly overjoyed. I am going to save all my papers.

I have been enjoying a lot of classes overall. Most of my teachers are pretty darn amazing and I'm thankful I took their classes. The IB programs isn't as horrible as I though it would be. I think it all has to do with time management. I also learned how to tie a tie three different ways! Although I don't wear ties, I think it will come in handy in the future. hahah I really don't know how it would, but you never know...

Working with other people with school is actually productive. Anyways I'll leave this post short since I have to do homework and get a good start on that math portfolio. Have a wonderful week.