Friday, August 13, 2010

Months 'til College: 1

Recently, I auditioned for the UCLA marching band and with much surprise and excitement, I received my results saying I got in. Now with that in my schedule, I am even more excited to start my quarter in the fall although I am also extremely scared. Needless to say, I can't wait for band camp to start on Sept. 13 and am looking forward to missing those awkward social events during Welcome Week because of it. HA

So currently, I am a declared Molecular, Cell, + Developmental Biology major (mcd bio for short). The title is really quite obnoxious but it's the major I want to take to prepare for grad school. I might also go for a Spanish minor which I am also looking forward to around my sophmore or late freshman year.

Here are my classes so far (I might change it later):
- Math 3A (start of a calculus series for life science majors) [4 units]
- GE Cluster on Interracial Dynamics (a year long program taking care of four ge classes but I only take three. It also counts towards honors credit and gets rid of a writing requirement at the same time) [6 units]
- Classics course (GE) on the origin and nature of english vocabulary. [5 units]
- Fiat Lux Seminar on psychology: personal control; This also counts towards honors credit. [1 unit]
- Marching Band [2 units]

All in all 18 units for my first quarter is quite the hefty load but I'm up for it since I don't have any science classes to worry about. I also got in the College Honors Program (also a nice surprise) which will help me with grad school. In order to get honors credit, I can take seminars or personally ask professors to give me more work on top of the assignments to get more credit. I have to maintain a 3.5 gpa to remain in the program but this all serves to help me be more competitive in my credentials. (:

What to do for these remaining days is a question that even I can't answer ha. I will probably start practicing more clarinet since I will bringing it to college (yesss). I already finished my summer reading assignment (Zeitoun by Eggers) which was pretty cool because the book was quite touching and a good read. It was about a real life story of a family during Hurricane Katrina. Besides that, I already did orientation last month which was nice and I can't wait to move in my dorm on Sept. 12 (earlier than any other freshman!).  I certainly don't want to start packing yet haha.

Anyways, I will end here and will update more since I have some time left on my hands. Hope everyone had a happy summer and a good start to school. (: