Saturday, December 27, 2008

Had a Nice Christmas? Good.

We seriously had been having numerous "parties" at my place. It's been about everyday this week. It's fun now that I have Ryan and his friends come over all the time. They are pretty cool kids(almost 4 or 5 years older than me). We went to Walmart about midnight last night and knowing how quiet I am, they decided to stop the car really fast in the middle of the road and yes they heard me scream. They were laughing that one off for a while. It was unpleasant, but somewhat fun. No, it was unpleasant. I thought we crashed or something. Wouldn't you get scared?! Yes you would.

Oh and I sat down at Walmart and this one really frightening dude sat by me. It was freaky. It was like "uhhh Sheena get up now before he does something...". I slowly got up, smiled at the bum, then ran. Hah. It wasn't obvious at all. They were still laughing at me. Apparently I'm funny or something. I don't think so. It's cool though. I still hang out with them even though whatever I do is funny. It's probably because I'm the youngest. We got home to my place around 2am. They are such a bad influence. It's because they are Filipino that my dad didn't even care. Kidding. Their parents are friends with mine. Problem solved.

On Christmas night, I went with some different Filipino peers (you wouldn't guess who. I was even surprised.) and we went to watch Yes Man with Jim Carrey. Hah I have nothing much to say but well Carrey is still hyper. Calm down. How old are we?
The point of the movie was to open yourself up to opportunities by just simply saying yes to things you wouldn't normally say yes to. Then things you wouldn't even imagine happen to you (good things apparently). You know... all that sappy stuff.

I don't think I like being bored all the time now. At first I was amazed at how much time I had but now it's such a drag. Wish I can join those T of R folk in their practices or visit them or something. I'm so left out. Hah.

I think I want to go to Disneyland soon. I will probably go with some of Ryan's friends. I might get killed and they would laugh. Kidding. It would be fun though. Wouldn't it?

On my IB form for testing it said I was Hispanic. Cruz? Hmmm. I should have left it. I was even more Hispanic than Josh.

I am reading Clockwork Orange right now. Josh suggested it. Hah ( hope you are enjoying WWZ). I love these kind of dystopian society books. Hope you guys really enjoyed Christmas. It's a wonderful day. I am looking forward to New Year's. Let's party okay?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think it snowed sometime the other day. Hope everyone enjoyed that. I sure did. I will probably upload some pictures soon. It was fun to be a real kid after a while. Snow causes me to become somewhat masochistic but it is all worth it I believe.

I'm pretty excited to attend the Bandfest on the 30th of this month. To hear my friends contribute their wonderful sound to it will be thoroughly rewarding. Can't wait! (plus I'll be hanging out with some college kids. How cool is that. :P) I have my twenty dollars ready.
We had our last day with Mr. Cassady last Wednesday and that really did make me sad. He's such a wonderful teacher and I can't believe we are done with that class. It went by too fast. Although that's bad news, we are done with our first semester of IB! That is pretty exciting and frankly it wasn't that bad. My grades are pretty solid but now that there is news that we are changing the grading scale to some wierd 13-point one I might have to work harder next semester. Yikes.

I get so bored easily but luckily I have my new red electric guitar to play around with. It was supposed to be my Christmas present but hah I don't even know how I got my hands on it. Anyways I don't even play guitar but it's all in good fun.

My parents are more social than I am. I can't even remember how many parties I've been forced to go to with my parents. It's all fine with me as long as they feed me and give me some place to sleep until the party ends. That's what I usually do. Perhaps I even read or do homework given a sufficient amount of light. Speaking of reading, I finished and did my oral commentary on World War Z (a book about Zombie pandemic about to eradicate humanity). I liked the book and it is sort of scary once you look up pictures about it and what not. I recommend you read it if you are looking for something scary? or just plain fun. You know who wins in this war? CUBA haha good ole Fidel Castro. It's quite funny to see how countries react to the Zombie War. If you like history you might even like this one too.
So the title of this post is from the song Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat. (Pris knows what I'm talking about. :) ) I'm trying to learn the female harmony part to it. It's quite fun to try to sing a harmony rather than the melody.We are all kind of lucky in our own way I think. Maybe. I'm pretty grateful for everything.
Well I'm off to go register for the SAT for January. Hopefully I will be taking it on January 24, 2009 over at AVC. I need to study up for it. Enjoy winter break.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Blog Title

Not much to say. It's not that interesting or artistic but I find deeper meaning in it. I love Coldplay.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy October 31st

I felt that since two other people updated their blogs tonight that I should conform.

During school, I have been enjoying our wonderful discussions in my IB English class with Mr. House. Just recently we talked about the common logical fallacies of life (which proved to be scarily accurate) and of course our general discussion of dystopian culture and literature. Mr. House is an incredible teacher. He is very entertaining and might I add extremely hilarious (especially since Josh and I already have a twisted kind of humor). I've learned so much so far from vocabulary (which actually appears on SAT stuff..hmmmm) to the denial of objective reality. This is crazy class but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Hart is tomorrow. Enough Said.

Juggling school, band, and life has really been a challenge this year. With all this politcal frenzy and what not, life is sure hectic about now. It's okay though everyone goes through what I have to so why do I get the right to complain?

Passing out candy is very boring. My face hurts from smiling and pretending that I really mean my "you're welcome...happy too!...". It's always like this every year but this time I brought my guitar out to play at the porch and made it pretty obvious at how annoyed I am when people start walking up to me. We (haha I keep saying we but really it was just me by myself passing out while my family was sleeping or playing xbox) actually ran out of drugs. It's sad. I talked to Josh for a while (sorry that was long if you happen to be reading this bud) during my passing out period which was funny because he could hear my "you're welcome" every now and then. I closed up at 9 which is pretty late but it was nice sitting outside in the chillness of night. Oh I did have a brother Caleb. It's funny because he went out to collect candy from our neighbors then he'd come back to me and deliberately empty the contents of his bag except for a select few into the passing out bowl. Then I knowingly distribute this candy to our neighbors. Isn't that great?

No pictures tonight. Sorry.

I realize how awful I write on my blog. It's just that I save that formality and proper grammar for essays. It's weird... I can only write well to an extent in a given time period so I don't want to use it up now. Oh math portfolio is done. I hated it.

I don't know how to dance like Josh, Julia, and Marcea since I have not participated in a formal quince, but a few weeks back I learned some salsa dancing. It's an intimate dance and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone (if you will) since some guys tend to be possessive/touchy/ have desire to lead/to appear like a man. I was extremely flattered yet felt really violated (in a non serious type of way) when they were trying to teach me how to move in that 8 motion (more like the infinity sign) with my torso. This is really hard to do especially since marching band has conditioned me to walk like a man (not really) but to walk straight with no bounce or excessive hip motion. Yes that's my excuse for my inability to dance. I don't plan on continuing to learn although my parents attend frequent ballroom sessions at a studio (run by Filipino people). They are quite good at it and they definitely enjoy it to the max.

I can't say I have been the happiest person lately but I'm hanging in there for those who remotely care. Anyways I will be seeing most of you guys tomorrow at Hart. Till then...Happy Weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't Worry I'm Still Alive

Wow. I haven't updated in a long time. Anyways I give thanks to those who actually read my blog. :D

School and band are pretty much the usual. Let's see I'll just list it: football games, pep band, AVC symphonic band, AVC clarinet choir, and T of R auditions. I truly do enjoy doing all of this even though school in conjunction with this is really difficult. Music is a pretty essential part of my life and getting section leader next year would seriously make me the happiest kid in this world. But who I am kidding, I most probably won't get it since there's better people out there who are louder, more assertive, and ultimately a better leader than I could ever become...

This next couple weeks are going to be insane. I have T of R auditions this Sunday and PSATs the following Saturday. We have also been assigned our first math portfolio for the IB program in this span of two weeks. I recently can't speak English properly. I make a lot of grammatical errors while talking.

The following SNL parody of the VP debate Josh sent me was pretty hilarious. This Sarah Palin Debate flow chart is also pretty fun too. Although it has some profanity (sorry), I thought it was pretty clever. I love people sometimes. Thanks bud...

I finally have my first article in the QHHS Ubiquity! Although you most probably don't care about the paper, I was thoroughly overjoyed. I am going to save all my papers.

I have been enjoying a lot of classes overall. Most of my teachers are pretty darn amazing and I'm thankful I took their classes. The IB programs isn't as horrible as I though it would be. I think it all has to do with time management. I also learned how to tie a tie three different ways! Although I don't wear ties, I think it will come in handy in the future. hahah I really don't know how it would, but you never know...

Working with other people with school is actually productive. Anyways I'll leave this post short since I have to do homework and get a good start on that math portfolio. Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Day

So far life's been pretty brutal at times and good at others. I'm most thankful for those occasional joyous moments that all you can do is laugh. Laughing is healthy for the soul. I love people who make me laugh.

I've been pretty musical lately. With the wedding tomorrow (goodness that will be tons of fun), I've been practicing. I listen to music while doing homework and sometimes pull out the guitar for some playing. I love music.

School is pretty hectic and full of work. Thank goodness I have friends who I can share my opinions with, study with, and complain with. Everything is better when we all do it together. I love friends.

Psychology is very interesting. Although the class is a work load, the material catches my attention. I love learning about the brain and its amazing capabilities. Most of my classes are pretty tolerable and almost fun at times. I actually enjoy having a lot to do so that way I'm never doing nothing.

So basically I have been a happy person lately. I think that's pretty good.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just the Usual...

The Philippines has a total of 15 athletes competing in 8 different sporting events in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. We currently have 0 medals and haven't had a medal in the previous years. Don't you think it would be nice if we got one?! Anyways Micheal Phelps is just amazing and there's so many talented, healthy people out there competing. I love the Olympics. This picture of a bike just says it all.
School is just the usual. Waking up early for 0 period is kind of annoying and I miss coming to the band room in the morning. I like most of my teachers, which is a good thing since you know it's easier and more exciting to learn. I have Mr. Cassady again(history), Mr. House (english), Sra. Pena (spanish), Mr. Herman (methods), Mrs. Rayfield (biology), and Mrs. Chaddick (psychology). I also have Mrs. Martinez for Jounalism and of course Mr. McQ. This week went by pretty fast so I hope the year is like that. Most of my classmates have the same schedule as I do, which is no big surprise.

My marching band number is 23 this year. Like last year, Josh and I both sandwich a section leader (John this time) and like before the section leader is usually somewhere else doing his/her duty. The show is coming along although this week we set too much moves for our band to handle, which ultimately leads to resetting these moves the next practice. We actually were able to make a circle and curves a few times and to move as section. Isn't that great?! Danny Elfman is pretty cool and the music is fun at times. This year I actually wear sunscreen every practice because I actually got sunburnt one day. This is unheard of with a Filipino! I am rather disappointed with myself but I guess sunscreen is good so I won't get too dark.

I have a lot of homework this weekend. It makes me sad. You know what's a waste of time? Trying to fall asleep at night! Immediate/instant sleep after a long day is much more better and productive rather than just laying there thinking about how tired you are. And what's better? You wake up more sweetly and happily when you fall asleep right away. I don't know if it's just me, but I rather fall asleep faster than slowly drift into napping time.

I can't wait to help Tani with the bake sale! Banana bread is pretty fun to make especially in abundance. I like banana bread tons.

I bought Peter and the Wolf, the short film, for my ipod. I must say I really I love it. Russians are so talented. The cat part is just spectacular! The film was definitely worth the money.

Anyways I hope you guys have a good week. This year should turn out pretty nice.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Well-done Steak

Band Camp. That should sum up the activites of this week. I just took my math finals and that was pretty easy. Basically as in the words of Jason, I will probably end up looking like a well-done steak by the end of the marching season not to mention the end of this week.

I am thankful for the many friends who remembered my birthday! I got lots of presents including 3 necklaces (from three of my bestest (yes i know this gramatically inaccurate) friends), amazing yummy brownies, an incredibly delightful made from scratch banana bread w/ walnuts, an itunes gift card, 100$, one nice card saying happy 21st bday (for those who are dyslexic happy 12th), a huge heart balloon ( currently floating in my room), 2 keychain things (one a cute asian looking one), a Ti-84 plus silver edition graphing calculator (I know right?!), a pair of earrings, girl paraphanalia, some books, and most importantly a safe year for everyone. I am most thankful to God for another year in His precious protection and guidance. Thanks much to all!

I will update more stuff later but that should suffice for now. :D Have a happy hour/day/week.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

wowowee for IB

I finally got my schedule of course for next year and this is how it's gonna happen:

-0 period Journalism
-1st period HistofAmer IB HL2
-2nd period English IB HL1
-3rd period Spanish 3 HNRS
-4th IB Math SL (math methods...oh goodness im way excited for this class. i finally catched up!)
-5th Biology HL/1st year
-6th IB psychology SL
-7th Marching Band (hahah no longer pe drill for me)

Oh and I'm going to take trig during the fall on thursday nights(AVC) so I don't screw up math methods. I'm already overwhelmed but that's okay. Who needs sleep these days right?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why So Serious?

Because of math, I missed going to both Canada or the Philippines. But all is well, since I was able to go see the new batman movie The Dark Knight. The movie was beyond my expectations and was really long. My dad went in around two o'clock to grab some tickets for later on at Cinemark 22 yesterday. We still had to wait in line for the 5 pm showing (that was the only one open since later showings were already sold out) but it was well worth it. Christian Bale was batman this time and although he does a pretty good portrayal what caught the most attention was the Joker. Played by the now passed away Heath Ledger, he was indescribable - you couldn't even tell that was Mr. Ledger. He was a total freak, crazy, and more than the average villain. His little phrase "WHY SO SERIOUS?" is really super creepy especially when he says it when holding someone's face and a pocket knife. My little brother literally took a pee in his pants since he was scared to stand up and leave. Anyways, I recommend you thrill seekers to go see this awesomely intense picture.

I've realized that next year is going to be really busy and to get a couple hours of sleep would be miraculous. So I was thinking I should hibernate till the 29th of this month.

My brother has been staring at the TV playing xbox literally all day so I find it rather amusing to run across the front of the tv (better yet just stand in front of it) and talk to him. Good sibling bonding right? Although I get rather hard objects thrown at he misses about every time.

I really really really want to go to St. Petersburg, Russia someday. Anybody with me?! On this trip, we should go visit more sites of Europe - London(heck yes), Munich, Rome, and maybe even a small side trip to Poland.

I want one of those wasp knife things on Josh's blog. There's so much stuff you can do with one of those. Anyways....Hope your summers are packed with happiness.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Math

You may know I'm taking a math class at AVC and as I was going through my textbook I found some rather unusual problems to solve. Here are some of them. They are rather dumb and annoying and I have no idea if they are trying to be funny but just reading them makes me wonder what the heck were they doing.

- Do you smoke? How many cigarettes a year? Together, smokers in the United States and Japan consume 4637 cigarettes per person each year. If the average Japanese smoker consumes 437 cigarettes a year more than the average U.S. smoker, what is the annual consumption of cigarettes per person in each country?

(josh found this one here...)
-A group of smugglers cross the border in a car traveling in a straight line at 96 km/hr. An hour later, the border patrol starts after them in a light plane traveling 144 km/hr.
a) How long will it be before the border patrol reaches the smugglers?
b) At what distance from the border will the border patrol overtake the smugglers?

- If you went to school in Japan, then moved to Israel, and finally ended up in the United States the third year, you would have attended school for a total of 639 days. In Israel, you have attended 36 more days than in the United States. In Japan, you would have attended even longer: 27 more days than in Israel. How long is the school year in each of these countries?

-Is there a nuclear reactor near your city? The total number of reactors in the United States is 160, but not all of them are in operation. The number of operable reactors is four more than double the number of inoperable reactors. How many U.S. reactors are operable and how many are inoperable?

-The average American drinks 29 more Cokes per year than the average Mexican. If together they consume 555 Cokes per year, how many Cokes are consumed each year by the average American and how many by the average Mexican?

Yep they are stupid problems but hey at least they are easy to solve.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"If I lay here... If I just lay here... Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

I'm pretty happy right now. I don't know why but I think this kind of warm random joy is pretty healthy (Especially for people who tend to freak out more than necessary.)

I've been working out to teach myself how to play and sing with the guitar. It's real soothing and nice when you are alone and are bored. I'll play for all of you! ( hahha it would be a miracle if i ever have the guts to)

I was doing this messy/long math problem up on the board in my math class yesterday night and after the whole thing the answer came to negative one. People saw me quite annoyed with the fact that all that work came up to be a simple answer. It was fun nevertheless doing it when some 36 people who are ten or more years older than you are watching your every move. Creepy to think about but it gives me more self confidence for stuff like speeches and presentations. Nifty aint it? It's fun having a friend who's filipino who you've met at your own house and they end up in your math class. Competition is fun.

Oh goodness I need to start working on a piece of art for my room. I'm thinking of just painting something on a huge canvas and stick it on my wall. That will be good for starters.

4th of July for me was quite amazing. Irvine was beautiful. The beach in the evening was reallllyyy nice and the fireworks was really worth watching. Orange County was really green and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I just wished I had brought my camera.

I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger last week. I must say that was one heck of a love story. It was really wonderful and it had a great twist to the plot. A lot of the book was too intense for me but after a while I learned to just ignore it and take in the bigger picture. I thought it was really deng clever how they explained how the main character could time travel.I don't know what to say about the new marching band music. I haven't really taken it in. I must say I'm excited to get into marching season again. I hope this year would be as fun as years in the past have been for me. I'm thinking of giving old John a hard time. ahahaha I won't.

I wish I knew more about computers and stuff. I'm really slow when it comes to technology and the programs that make technology so shiny and advanced. Anybody have the time to teach me?

I'm going to go do some math homework. I wish that class wasn't four hours long. Oh and the title comes from a song I happen to like. Kudos to the person who knows that song.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Disney Hall

Disney Hall was absolutely spectacular. The hall was incredibly beautiful and the sound was pure and crisp in the huge room. The organ was really cool looking and it was awesome to be able to touch the lockers of the LA Philharmonic and perform on their very own stage. It was both and an honor and a pleasure to have been able to go there and I definitely wouldn't mind for a second chance to go there. I had a pretty fun time walking around outside Disney Hall and hanging with good friends.

I just recently got the album Viva la Vida by Coldplay and I must say I enjoy the new sounds and songs that Coldplay has presented. Their lyrics are once again very poetic and chill. My favorite song is the featured "Viva la Vida". I also liked "42", "Death and all his Friends" and "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love". It's a real unique album to add to your collection of music. My fairly new ipod nano has done wonders to my stress level and I enjoy listening/watching media while doing homework.
Believe or not I finally made some friends in math class. It's really hard to make friends but now that I have some I can enjoy class at night.

I think I'm going to start drawing and creating artwork of my own. I don't think I'm any good but it sure is a lot of fun. I have lots of time too.

So go have a productive summer!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I haven't updated in a long time now. I apologize.

I passed sophomore year in high school. I'm now in summer school. I'm taking algebra 2 at avc and taking 1st semester of IB history of the americas at qhhs. I wanted to take trig at the college but after a long complicated time of figuring out what to do with my math I resolved by talking to the math methods teacher and the ib coordinator. It turns out that I can take math methods with just algebra 2 luckily as long as I work hard to learn my trig and any other stuff I missed out on. So I finally catched up in math after two years of easy going in that subject.

I took Drivers Ed online. It's kind of redundent and monotonous. I really don't feel like driving all too soon.

I'm thankful for my friends who give me the opportunity to take a break off the monotony of endless summer days. Movies, birthdays, and ice cream sure make me happy and put a smile on my face. Thanks to all!

You know I'll update later. I got some stuff to get done.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Study : To apply one's mind to the acquisition or production of knowledge.

AP testing is now here and all of what we have learned will seriously be put to the test. My first test is May 9 for European History and my second one is on May 13 for chemistry.I'm somewhat wanting to get it over with, but of course I will study as much as I can and do my best. I will try not to freak out or anything and of course if I happen to die during the testing session (particularly the chemistry one) I know that I wouldn't have to see the horrific scores later in the year. Sounds good, eh?The year is coming to a close and to me it's rather depressing. The IB program will take over next year and well frankly I am not too excited. Although IB has its pro's and con's, I would definetly hope for next year to enjoy life and to have it all peachy keen. Here's my schedule as of right now:

-IB Biology
-IB English
-IB Math Methods (possibly)
-IB History of Americas (Taking 1st semester over the summer)
-TOK (half of it 2nd semester)
-IB Pyschology
-Journalism (oooo fun...yeah right)
-Marching Band
-Peter the Great taxed people with beards.He encouraged smoking, but taxed tobacco. Because European men usually were clean shaven, he taxed Russians wearing beards.

-During World War II a cat called Oscar served on the German battleship Bismarck. When the Bismarck was torpedoed Oscar was rescued by a British sailor on board HMS Cossack. Five months later HMS Cossack was sunk but Oscar was rescued by HMS Ark Royal. Only 3 weeks later a German U-boat destroyed Ark Royal and Oscar was rescued again. The naval authorities then decided that Oscar had had enough and posted him on land. According to British naval records, Oscar died peacefully in 1955.

-What do people fear most? At the top of the list is death, the fear of which is necrophobia. Second, apparently, is the fear of failure, which is called kakorrhaphiophobia. There is of course a story of how fears developed, like fear for the number 13. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.

-The "unlucky 13" is the reason why the thirteen loaves that bakers once supplied were never called by the number, but described as "a baker's dozen." The thirteenth loaf was regarded as a special bribe for the devil not to spoil the sale or the bread.

If you want to see a list of phobias. Come check this link out.

Well I'm going to go hit the books now. Have a fabulous weekend...

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Windy City

Pictures say a thousand words. Here's a few of the pictures taken in Chicago during a band trip. I have lots more for anyone who cares . Enjoy!

Can you guess which one is the Sears Tower?
Josh and I being really cool.
Boat tour. Cold and wet. Josh is actually holding the flag and not pointing at anything. Good thing he did for otherwise the flag would have violently/brutally slapped us in the face and push us off the boat. Really fun/perilous ride.
Me on the boat.
Josh, John, and I inside the boat.
I couldn't keep my big head straight.

Me in a rock cave thing at a planetarium.
Holly and I are more than 5 feet!
Aly and I at the top of Sears Tower.
Me again.(I think Im a wee bit conceited.)

Camels! one poor camel with a dysfunctional hump at Lincoln Park Zoo.
The Zoo again. pretty chilly.
Clark, Josh, and John in all matching tuxedo shirts. Josh claims it to have been a coincidence. I think not dear sir! (at medieval times)
The LordKemper and I at Sears Tower. Notice the zero visibility from up there...and the notable height discrepancy.
The Bean

If you want more about this trip...go to Chicago!! JK Feel free to ask. As of now I must prepare for class. Happy Day to All.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almost Done Packing...

Chicago is officially in two more days! Ain't that excitin'??! I have made an attempt to pack but I am sure I will forget something. It's a talent of mine. I will definetly take pictures. Boo planes.

Update later...sorry

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This a wonderful day...may yours be filled with happiness and thankfulness.
Then of course we can't forget the bunnies...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope you guys have a splendid St. Patrick's Day! May you find gold at the end of your rainbow...(oh yeah I went there).

Here's how to say I Love You in 100 different languages. Check it out!

On March 15th, the Solo and Ensemble Festival went fairly well and was definitely a highlight of the year. Although I got an Excellent on my solo, my duet with John got a Superior, our quartet (Josh, Clark, John, and I) got a Superior and a CP (that one was my all time favorite) and the wonderful Monochrome piece got a Superior and a CP as well. Afterwards, Julia, Marcea, John, and Josh came over to "celebrate" at my house. It was super fun except when John and Josh pelted me with several ping pong balls claiming that it was an "accident" and that "I just happened to be there". We played Guitar Hero III and ate a lot of food too. John, Josh, and I played a trio piece by Beethoven for my Filipino family and it was thoroughly appreciated (thanks). Hopefully all you guys come over again soon!!

I hope we go to Regionals for our quartet!!!!!!!!! That would be super fun.

Spring Break has arrived and I am really excited to get some sleep before school starts up again. I'm not doing anything special in particular except for chem and english homework so please call up or say the word when something exciting is happening.

I'm not Irish and I really don't do anything special for St. Patrick's Day but....I use Irish Spring soap if that makes up for anything! It's green and fresh smelling and I like it.

I found this paragraph off a website and I think it explains why there is a separate box to check for Filipinos rather than us checking the Asian box:

"Just so all of you know, those forms (which categorize Filipinos separately from Asians) are configured that way because of confusion created by the older forms. In the past (many years ago) these forms were much simpler. The racial categories were something like "white", "black", "asian", "non-white spanish-surname", and "other." And that's IT. Nothing else. The "spanish-surname" category was created because before the hispanic population grew very large in America, hispanics were considered to be either white or black - there was no racial category known as "hispanics" or "latinos" back then! So a new category was created, and hispanics were given the option of checking the "spanish-surname" box. Well, if you were a Filipino with a Spanish surname, which box would you check? I, personally, would check "Asian." Apparently, however, many Filipinos were confused enough to check "spanish-surname" or "other." This obviously made for inaccurate statisctics. Therefore, placing "Filipino" in a category by itself is just a method of ensuring that the racial statistics are more accurate. It has nothing to do with Filipinos considering themselves to be Asian."

Well that's all for now...Have a good break.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice...

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."-Carl Jung

I haven't the faintest clue who Carl Jung is but I like that quote for its has correlation to chemistry.

It's a record! On Sunday night (or should i say morning) I stayed up till 4am finishing homework and woke up at 5:30am which is like a whopping 1 1/2 hours of sleep. Thanks to the CAHSEE (which I believe insults people's intelligence) I can get a wee bit more of sleep time this week. Instead I'm going to use those precious hours to practice for Solo and Ensemble Festival, which happens to be this Saturday!!! Good luck everyone...

I still have to finish my key terms for ap euro. I'm totally happy because we are about to do WWII (which is one of my favorite history highlights).

I took a lot of tests this week. They were all pretty easy though. So no complains for me there.

I'm gonna practice my heart out for s/e festival. So.... Peace.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yay Life!

We just had our chemistry test today and for some reason I really want to take it again just for the fun it. It may sound odd but hey why not? Yay for extensive chemistry!

On that note I just recently bought my AP Test for Chemistry as well as the AP test for Euro Hist. I don't know why I'm taking the Chemistry one but I suppose I can blame the fact that I gave in to the peer pressure that my friends (*ahem Josh*) had put on me to take it. I'm sure I'll have fun in the end. Yay for extensive studying!

Solo and Ensemble Fest in nearing and my lips are tired from practicing every night, but all is swell. It would be pretty sweet to get some good scores considering this is my first time to actually participate in S/E. Yay for extensive practicing!

As usual I don't get much sleep nowadays, but the thing is I'm getting used to it. This could be a good thing (hah I really don't know). Yay for extensive sleep deprivation!

I don't think I have a life, but I'm going to pretend I do. Hah and those "Yay for extensive..." are getting annoying aren't they? I'm good at that. Real good.

Sorry for no pics...anyways have fun with life.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ain't Cats Cool?

It took me a while to see that the intrument on the digestive area of the cat was a clarinet. That made me leap with joy. Cats are freakin' awesome man.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Weekend

Homework and lots of it.

I also managed to practice my clarinet for a few hours and sleep for 18 hours on Friday night.

I got my voice back today too. It feels great when people can finally understand me.

I also switched phones with my mom's old one and now I finally can get service.

Don't know what else to say except for the fact I shouldn't be posting at this hour. Silly me. Good night.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Clark

I am aware that I made a promise to create birthday posts for friends. So here ya go Clark...I kept my promise. (hopefully the guy reads this) Be happy everyone...

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Lola...from London

Lately I have been trying to be more social and with that I met my alter ego: Lola. Lola is a Brit from London and is well the opposite of me. Her accent is most noticable and boy is she social. She has more friends than I do and came to America for more. Her friends that came with her are Elizabeth Davenport, Charlie, and Collin. Sheena and Lola cannot exist at the same time. She is slightly taller than I am, more talkative, and probably a lot cooler. Some people admit they like her more than me but that's okay because I do too. Hopefully you guys can meet Lola sometime.

Do you like cows? Here are some pictures of some random cows and the stuff they do during the day. It may be kind of boring, but hey cows are cool. These next few animals are pretty interesting. Check them out too so they won't feel forgotton: cats, deer, hedgehog, chinchillas, iguanas, and turtles. I used to have an iguana when I was seven. I named it Iggy and I had always loved to feed it lettuce and leaves from outside. It liked to sleep on this heating rock that my mother bought for it. It died when I went to the Philippines for about two weeks. I buried it outside (back in LA) and never forgot about it. True story.

School has been loaded with homework but that I am used to. So no complains there. I have been practicing for solo and ensemble and well... I am pretty nervous. It's my first time ever to do it and crazy me I am doing four. Sometimes(well most of) my sentences are grammatically incorrect.
To end this post I will wish you guys a happy weekend. Be safe!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yesterday at CA Adventure

Our concert at California Adventure yesterday went quite well. We sounded okay and there was no major difference in how we usually play (except for the fact we did not perform Lollapalooza ). Although it was kind of hot in our concert attire, all went swell. As for the theme park portion of the day, we spent the time eating, rushing through the park, waiting, getting fast passes, riding, yelling, screaming, shaking, almost dying, getting lost, washing our hands, crying, hating the ride then end up going back on again, getting wet, getting wet another three more times, shaking because of the wetness, waiting some more, looking for friends, waving at band directors, laughing, standing, sitting, and whatever is to be done at theme parks. We went on a total of 14 rides, had a really unappetizing lunch, rode on the bus wet, and I had a major headache in conjuction with a really sore throat. We also got stuck on one of the rides and had to be escorted off it which was pretty scary considering how high up we were. All in all it was pretty fun, but I really couldn't handle going back until a few weeks or months have passed. The rides were too much (at least for me), but I'm glad I joined District Honor Band for the music. Today my throat really burns because of the screaming and yelling I did on California Screamin' as well as other rides (Tower of Terror). I woke up at like 11:30 and ended up practicing and listening to my pieces for solo and ensemble.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. May it be filled with happiness, laughter, and a load of sleep.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Disney's California Adventure

It turns out we are not going to Disneyland after all. Instead, District Honor Band will be performing at California Adventure. I really don't know what to say but I'm pretty excited because I have never been there before. Hopefully tomorrow turns out nice. I'll see you guys on Tuesday (or tomorrow). Have a blissfully wonderful weekend.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Although it was your birthday 36 minutes ago, I just wish you again a very happy and joyous birthday!!!! I shouldn't be commenting at this hour but I'll always stay up after homework to make special birthday posts. Love ya PRIS!!!(hopefullly you read this...)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Love Water

I don't exactly know what we were doing but the weather was nice and I was happy. Those are my brothers with me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday the Quartz Hill Marching Band and well I went to Disneyland for a parade(fantasmic and Nobles of the Mystic Shrine were our songs). It was pretty cool although we (in my opinion) rushed the parade a quite bit but I lived with it. I was really excited to be with the entire clarinet section in the front but sadly my rank had to switch with a trumpet one, thus breaking up the unity I had shortly felt. That's life I suppose.

Anyways I have got to say that this was one of the most fun times I have ever went to Disneyland. I was accompanied by Nithya, Josh, and John for the entire thing as we pratically planned out everything we were going to do ahead of time.We went on a total of nine rides, got a dole whip and float, ate a french lunch, and slept numbly on a cold window(well at least for me). The ride home wasn't too hot actually it was rather cold considering I had fallen asleep on my hand on the window which had literally froze my right hand to a temperature in which a hand should not be in. (wow that was a run-on sentence, shame on me) Overall I though the trip was great.(giving a minimal time to do procrastinated homework afterwards. but that was my fault)

Hopefully I can find the AP/Pre-IB chemistry notebook but I think I left it at school on friday which is bad. I'm sorry.

Hope you guys comment soon.please...I'm desperate.....

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Back...

Golly it has been a refreshingly long time since I have updated. Hopefully I can get some more viewers so I won't have to comment on my own blog. (it really eats at my soul when I comment to myself).

Hey I'm in District Honor Band and so far I'm pretty glad that I was able to be a part of a this awesome experience. It's also fun to hang with buddies from other schools and of course Quartz Hill. Our music is pretty sweet this year. (Candide being my fave one to play, Lollapalooza being my favorite one to sing although playing it is rather difficult...gotta fight the reed). I was given the opportunity to meet new people and to have Dr. Price (the genius) be our guest conductor. Disneyland is coming up and I am lucky enough to go there two times across a span of two weeks.

Clarinet Choir is coming soon and I can't wait to start it again. I might be doing the AVC Symphonic Band too. Hopefully I see most of you guys there.

The reason why cats are well ...freakin great is the fact that they have no interest in what you want. Really they only care for themselves and themselves only. Why... isn't that a phenomena? They are such simple creatures and therefore they have no real worries. When they want something, they ask and act cute, you fall into their trap, you give them what they want, and then they walk away without giving you a second look. wow...ain't that a novel idea?

I'm done for now and I hope you people will comment on my blog regardless if your comments are positive or negative.