Monday, June 14, 2010

Official Youtube Channel

I officially got the MacBook Pro and right away started my own channel on youtube. Here's the link to my channel. I am so completely excited!!! The video/audio could be better but this suffices for the time being. Enjoy. :]

Anyways, the new mac is really worth it. I was immediately impressed with all its features on top of its speed and capabilities. It's trendy and easy on the eyes. ;] I definitely would recommend for anyone to try it'll see an immediate difference from all the computers you have used before. As far as prices go, I paid a total of $1800 and got a free printer and iTouch. With that price came the Apple Care Plan and iWorks. All in all, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I will try to post a video as often as I can since it is summer. Any suggestions/comments are welcome. I'm not much of an advertiser so I really don't mind how many subscribers I have (a total of 4 right now). I am just excited to finally start this thing! Happy Summer to all.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy June

Summer is pretty much setting in. So far I have been getting a ton of sleep on top of playing guitar/ukulele endlessly and watching Animal Planet. I'm just a tad bored but I know it's better than freaking out about school since I'm pretty sure I'll be doing that at LA this September.

So on June 1 at 3 pm the reservation and sign ups for orientation at UCLA went live. It wasn't a surprise to see that spots filled up really quickly and so I had to take the initiative to get a spot as fast as I can. Luckily I got into the second session out of the ten that we are allowed to choose from. It works out great because I wanted the second one anyways since the timing was more convenient. I will be taking two placement tests during my time and math! I am really excited for orientation... just because I really want to be back on campus again after visiting it back in April with a special Filipino organization. Ha, I am pretty grateful I am Filipino actually. My mom was telling me about this special program where if I kept a GPA of 3.8 or higher for the first two years, the next two years of my undergraduate years at UCLA would be free. Pretty dang nifty I would say. I love the Philippines.

As far as summer plans, I really don't know what I am doing. I can't wait to get a Macbook Pro...that will definitely be highlight and I really want to learn how to start using it in preparation for college. (I hope I get it before Josh) There has been some talk of going to the Philippines or to New York. I'm up for anything really. Hanging out with friends would also be nice. I could really use some Jamba Juice or Berry Star...that would be terrific. Oh, and I really want to go swimming Josh's or Michael's place. Just saying.

Lately I have been using Loreal Kids Shampoo. It's amazing and I just love the smell. I have thin hair so it works out great. Plus, it's tear free and I love having it in my eyes. Such a gentle shampoo!Hey check out this awesome bear do some ninja moves. I was like WOAH. This bear definitely has spunk. I have watched this several times consecutively.

I have been on youtube like 24/7 since summer started. I listen to music mostly and watch covers of people do songs I like. I listen to songs nonstop this song by The Script called The Man Who Can't Be Moved. I also try to learn more and more songs. Yesterday I learned The Reason by Hoobastank...ha, classic song indeed. I can't wait to upload youtube videos!

So I will be headed to Northridge pretty soon to go shopping and browsing...possibly at the Apple Store! That would be quite awesome. I am pretty hungry too. Anyways hope you guys enjoy your summer. I think I will update as much as I can with all this free time on my hands. :]