Monday, April 6, 2009

Prom and Flowers

Let's make this short and straightforward: I went to prom. Hah, that sentence is past tense and I apologize to those who think it's stupid. Although the music choice and grinding was really stupid and uncomfortable, I did manage to enjoy my time. Since it was at the California Science Center, we got to spend a good portion going through the exhibits they had on the second and third floor. We also have pretty awesome friends both in band and IB so overall I must say I had a wonderful night. I went with Josh to prom (hah it looks like we matched but if you look closely our blues are a couple shades off) and I'm pretty glad he came. He was tolerable (kidding) and a very nice gentleman. I'm lucky.

As far as prom wasn't horrific and the place was actually pretty neat. Josh and I tried to do some form of dancing (hustle, double time cumbia), but besides not having the right music we had great friends there to spend time with. Thanks much for that. We also did the corsage/boutonnière thing..hey it's high school. Hah. Overall we did have fun dressing up and being stupid. I also managed to get lost a lot. Cool stuff. I'll get more picture up here soon.

Besides prom, school has been quite okay. SAT and ACT are coming up in the next couple of months and that's already a handful. Other than that we have some deep poem explication to tackle and some practice IB math tests. All is well.

Anyways, I should be doing homework now considering it's a Monday night. Hope everyone is doing all right.