Saturday, May 3, 2008

Study : To apply one's mind to the acquisition or production of knowledge.

AP testing is now here and all of what we have learned will seriously be put to the test. My first test is May 9 for European History and my second one is on May 13 for chemistry.I'm somewhat wanting to get it over with, but of course I will study as much as I can and do my best. I will try not to freak out or anything and of course if I happen to die during the testing session (particularly the chemistry one) I know that I wouldn't have to see the horrific scores later in the year. Sounds good, eh?The year is coming to a close and to me it's rather depressing. The IB program will take over next year and well frankly I am not too excited. Although IB has its pro's and con's, I would definetly hope for next year to enjoy life and to have it all peachy keen. Here's my schedule as of right now:

-IB Biology
-IB English
-IB Math Methods (possibly)
-IB History of Americas (Taking 1st semester over the summer)
-TOK (half of it 2nd semester)
-IB Pyschology
-Journalism (oooo fun...yeah right)
-Marching Band
-Peter the Great taxed people with beards.He encouraged smoking, but taxed tobacco. Because European men usually were clean shaven, he taxed Russians wearing beards.

-During World War II a cat called Oscar served on the German battleship Bismarck. When the Bismarck was torpedoed Oscar was rescued by a British sailor on board HMS Cossack. Five months later HMS Cossack was sunk but Oscar was rescued by HMS Ark Royal. Only 3 weeks later a German U-boat destroyed Ark Royal and Oscar was rescued again. The naval authorities then decided that Oscar had had enough and posted him on land. According to British naval records, Oscar died peacefully in 1955.

-What do people fear most? At the top of the list is death, the fear of which is necrophobia. Second, apparently, is the fear of failure, which is called kakorrhaphiophobia. There is of course a story of how fears developed, like fear for the number 13. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.

-The "unlucky 13" is the reason why the thirteen loaves that bakers once supplied were never called by the number, but described as "a baker's dozen." The thirteenth loaf was regarded as a special bribe for the devil not to spoil the sale or the bread.

If you want to see a list of phobias. Come check this link out.

Well I'm going to go hit the books now. Have a fabulous weekend...