Monday, April 14, 2008

The Windy City

Pictures say a thousand words. Here's a few of the pictures taken in Chicago during a band trip. I have lots more for anyone who cares . Enjoy!

Can you guess which one is the Sears Tower?
Josh and I being really cool.
Boat tour. Cold and wet. Josh is actually holding the flag and not pointing at anything. Good thing he did for otherwise the flag would have violently/brutally slapped us in the face and push us off the boat. Really fun/perilous ride.
Me on the boat.
Josh, John, and I inside the boat.
I couldn't keep my big head straight.

Me in a rock cave thing at a planetarium.
Holly and I are more than 5 feet!
Aly and I at the top of Sears Tower.
Me again.(I think Im a wee bit conceited.)

Camels! one poor camel with a dysfunctional hump at Lincoln Park Zoo.
The Zoo again. pretty chilly.
Clark, Josh, and John in all matching tuxedo shirts. Josh claims it to have been a coincidence. I think not dear sir! (at medieval times)
The LordKemper and I at Sears Tower. Notice the zero visibility from up there...and the notable height discrepancy.
The Bean

If you want more about this trip...go to Chicago!! JK Feel free to ask. As of now I must prepare for class. Happy Day to All.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almost Done Packing...

Chicago is officially in two more days! Ain't that excitin'??! I have made an attempt to pack but I am sure I will forget something. It's a talent of mine. I will definetly take pictures. Boo planes.

Update later...sorry