Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cucumber Soda...mmmmmm?

People in Japan are staying cool as a cucumber this summer with "Pepsi Ice Cucumber" - a new soda based on the crisp green gourd. The soft drink doesn't actually have any cucumber in it but has been artificially flavored to taste like cucumber. The mint-colored soda is on sale only in Japan. I love Japan.

Here's a few pictures of some cool cats. Two of them are not actually real live cats. Anyways I hope to see you guys out there today. I can't wait for the new music. I love music.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wonderful Fish

Today my father bought me some goldfish and a small aquarium for no apparent reason. I now have 3 goldfish swimming happily in my bedroom. They are not all actually goldfish but one of them is. There is a black one (with gigantic eyes that pop out of its minuscule body), a yellow one, and an orange one. It's the closest I can get to a fish without dying. How nice...

My summer has been going pretty good so far for those of you who want to know. Filled with learning, music, and now fish. Although, I am pretty excited to go back to school and be in the joyous company of fellow colleagues. I am rather strange.

Before you go to sleep tonight enjoy a nice healthy banana. These fun-filled fruits are loaded with potassium which is highly essential to potassium deficient folk. Good stuff.

That's about it for now. Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bowling is Grand

Yesterday several band folks including yours truly went bowling! It was a an interesting gathering but of course everyone had a great time. We took up two lanes and played two games all in all. No one got a turkey but many came very close (ahem Josh). Getting gutters was exceptionally fun for me at least but getting a strike felt really good too. Most importantly, the simple thought of hanging out with "band family" is what made our musical bowling meeting purely remarkable

I had my first class of Fundamentals of Music yesterday before bowling. That was pretty cool and our sub was interesting. Most of the class comprised of college kids but there was one asian dude from Paraclete(SP) who was a high schooler. Overall the class itself is very fulfilling and will help me become into an even extremer band fanatic.

That's all for now folks. Have a nice week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fundamentals of Music

It has been decided that I am not going to take health but will take Fundamentals of Music instead.I just can't seem to live one summer without music or any band affiliated activity...that's ok because I'm atually really excited for it.

I found this dictionary the other day that had some extra stuff in the back called "Garfield's Daffy Definitions". I assumed they were talking about the cat Garfield. So here's some definitions: (by the way I believe that they are not very funny but since I have nothing else to do, here you go. anything written in Parenthetical citations are my comments)

Bed: Furniture piece designed for that most exciting of all activities - sleep. (its summer...we should hibernate and catch up on the sleeping we postponed for homework and reading)

lazy: indolent, slothful; in extreme cases, comatose

morning: the bad end to a good night; would be much better if it started later

pet: a domestic animal who provides love and companionship in exchange for blind obedience and twelve square meals a day(that's my cat)

sleep: a state of unconsciosness best experienced in large quantities

spider: web-spinning, eight-legged insect; generally harmlesss, especially if bludgeoned with a sledgehammer

Well I'll stop with the definitions because it is probably killing you now. I apologize that you had to read that. Anyways...

I hope you guys out there are enjoying your summer and having a grand time! Band Camp is coming closer and I can't wait to see all of you.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Extremely Bored.

It's summer and so far nothing too exciting has happened yet. On the bright side, I get to spend a little more time with my cat, Julius and of course my dogs too. I finally have time to actually have a life instead of doing homework and being affliated with other school related activities. I miss school and all you guys out there who are aware of my existence(friends). I apologize for not posting any pictures yet on this blog because I really don't know what to put up. Any requests?
Anyways, I have always enjoyed ironing clothes. It may seem weird (actually it is quite odd) but I believe that this so called "chore" can be somewhat entertaining. It is fun to get rid of wrinkles and other unwanted creases and replace them with warm, smooth texture and feel. I don't know what I'm saying. Well I think I'm going to take a much needed snooze after such a long unproductive day of carelessness and laziness. Actually I have a reason to be so idle, I get to take lovely health over the summer starting on June 18. Don't worry...I didn't fail the class, I just have never have taken it yet. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and whatever is left of this weekend. Goodbye.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Random Paraphernalia

I haven't updated in such a long time so I will try to sum it up for all of you.

So far, everyone is well aware of our wondrous field show Fantasmic! and our newly selected honorary section leaders (Congrats SL!) and drum majors. The school year is over and the seniors are officially high school graduates. I get to play Pomp and Circumstance at three seperate graduations (played for QHHS grads, AVC grads, and will now be playing on the 14 of June for my previous middle school: Del Sur). My summer will be filled with learning and productivity (summer school) and of course I am definitely excited for band camp.

Today my relatives from Las Vegas and my older half brother along with his girlfriend and friends will be gathering at my house and staying for the weekend. It will be pretty exciting and really loud. Hopefully my neighbors won't have to hear us (...well franky screaming and talking make up the majority of our little reunions). We also have some in-laws coming in and I believe my mother is well prepared.

My cat seems to be losing weight. It is a good thing because he is very fat.

I really want a new clarinet. Clark (if its okay to use your name) suggested the R13 Prestige. It's 4 grand but I am sure it is well worth it.

I have to cut this post short for my laptop battery is dying on me.