Thursday, July 24, 2008

wowowee for IB

I finally got my schedule of course for next year and this is how it's gonna happen:

-0 period Journalism
-1st period HistofAmer IB HL2
-2nd period English IB HL1
-3rd period Spanish 3 HNRS
-4th IB Math SL (math methods...oh goodness im way excited for this class. i finally catched up!)
-5th Biology HL/1st year
-6th IB psychology SL
-7th Marching Band (hahah no longer pe drill for me)

Oh and I'm going to take trig during the fall on thursday nights(AVC) so I don't screw up math methods. I'm already overwhelmed but that's okay. Who needs sleep these days right?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why So Serious?

Because of math, I missed going to both Canada or the Philippines. But all is well, since I was able to go see the new batman movie The Dark Knight. The movie was beyond my expectations and was really long. My dad went in around two o'clock to grab some tickets for later on at Cinemark 22 yesterday. We still had to wait in line for the 5 pm showing (that was the only one open since later showings were already sold out) but it was well worth it. Christian Bale was batman this time and although he does a pretty good portrayal what caught the most attention was the Joker. Played by the now passed away Heath Ledger, he was indescribable - you couldn't even tell that was Mr. Ledger. He was a total freak, crazy, and more than the average villain. His little phrase "WHY SO SERIOUS?" is really super creepy especially when he says it when holding someone's face and a pocket knife. My little brother literally took a pee in his pants since he was scared to stand up and leave. Anyways, I recommend you thrill seekers to go see this awesomely intense picture.

I've realized that next year is going to be really busy and to get a couple hours of sleep would be miraculous. So I was thinking I should hibernate till the 29th of this month.

My brother has been staring at the TV playing xbox literally all day so I find it rather amusing to run across the front of the tv (better yet just stand in front of it) and talk to him. Good sibling bonding right? Although I get rather hard objects thrown at he misses about every time.

I really really really want to go to St. Petersburg, Russia someday. Anybody with me?! On this trip, we should go visit more sites of Europe - London(heck yes), Munich, Rome, and maybe even a small side trip to Poland.

I want one of those wasp knife things on Josh's blog. There's so much stuff you can do with one of those. Anyways....Hope your summers are packed with happiness.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Math

You may know I'm taking a math class at AVC and as I was going through my textbook I found some rather unusual problems to solve. Here are some of them. They are rather dumb and annoying and I have no idea if they are trying to be funny but just reading them makes me wonder what the heck were they doing.

- Do you smoke? How many cigarettes a year? Together, smokers in the United States and Japan consume 4637 cigarettes per person each year. If the average Japanese smoker consumes 437 cigarettes a year more than the average U.S. smoker, what is the annual consumption of cigarettes per person in each country?

(josh found this one here...)
-A group of smugglers cross the border in a car traveling in a straight line at 96 km/hr. An hour later, the border patrol starts after them in a light plane traveling 144 km/hr.
a) How long will it be before the border patrol reaches the smugglers?
b) At what distance from the border will the border patrol overtake the smugglers?

- If you went to school in Japan, then moved to Israel, and finally ended up in the United States the third year, you would have attended school for a total of 639 days. In Israel, you have attended 36 more days than in the United States. In Japan, you would have attended even longer: 27 more days than in Israel. How long is the school year in each of these countries?

-Is there a nuclear reactor near your city? The total number of reactors in the United States is 160, but not all of them are in operation. The number of operable reactors is four more than double the number of inoperable reactors. How many U.S. reactors are operable and how many are inoperable?

-The average American drinks 29 more Cokes per year than the average Mexican. If together they consume 555 Cokes per year, how many Cokes are consumed each year by the average American and how many by the average Mexican?

Yep they are stupid problems but hey at least they are easy to solve.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"If I lay here... If I just lay here... Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

I'm pretty happy right now. I don't know why but I think this kind of warm random joy is pretty healthy (Especially for people who tend to freak out more than necessary.)

I've been working out to teach myself how to play and sing with the guitar. It's real soothing and nice when you are alone and are bored. I'll play for all of you! ( hahha it would be a miracle if i ever have the guts to)

I was doing this messy/long math problem up on the board in my math class yesterday night and after the whole thing the answer came to negative one. People saw me quite annoyed with the fact that all that work came up to be a simple answer. It was fun nevertheless doing it when some 36 people who are ten or more years older than you are watching your every move. Creepy to think about but it gives me more self confidence for stuff like speeches and presentations. Nifty aint it? It's fun having a friend who's filipino who you've met at your own house and they end up in your math class. Competition is fun.

Oh goodness I need to start working on a piece of art for my room. I'm thinking of just painting something on a huge canvas and stick it on my wall. That will be good for starters.

4th of July for me was quite amazing. Irvine was beautiful. The beach in the evening was reallllyyy nice and the fireworks was really worth watching. Orange County was really green and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I just wished I had brought my camera.

I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger last week. I must say that was one heck of a love story. It was really wonderful and it had a great twist to the plot. A lot of the book was too intense for me but after a while I learned to just ignore it and take in the bigger picture. I thought it was really deng clever how they explained how the main character could time travel.I don't know what to say about the new marching band music. I haven't really taken it in. I must say I'm excited to get into marching season again. I hope this year would be as fun as years in the past have been for me. I'm thinking of giving old John a hard time. ahahaha I won't.

I wish I knew more about computers and stuff. I'm really slow when it comes to technology and the programs that make technology so shiny and advanced. Anybody have the time to teach me?

I'm going to go do some math homework. I wish that class wasn't four hours long. Oh and the title comes from a song I happen to like. Kudos to the person who knows that song.