Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey, It's Hot Outside

I take it that everyone has noticed the sun and the heat that it releases. It's quite draining but I know that some people (like Michael) who has lived in the snow for large portions of their life rather enjoy this heat. Summer is nice though and has always been my favorite season.

Luckily registration for the new year didn't take as long as three hours as I have been hearing from fellow classmates, but it was pretty boring and waiting wasn't particularly fun or exciting. I got all the classes I had intended on taking which was a blessing. This is how it's looking for my senior year:
  • IB English HL2
  • IB Biology HL2
  • IB History HL1
  • IB Spanish SL
  • AP Physics
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Journalism
  • Marching Band
...Another year of eight classes and sometime in September I will finally get my health credits with an extra supplementary class. That will take four days at the most but my counselor will work it out with my teachers so I don't really have to waste time taking an actual class. All in all, I am very excited to take physics and calc BC. I have been waiting all high school to finally take classes like these. I also share about all my classes with my best buddies so that was also a definite plus for this year. I am prepared for no sleep but I think at the end of the year it's worth looking at solid grades. :]

I also got my IB scores a few weeks ago and I was also very happy to see how I did. I managed to get a 6 on the IB psych test and a 5 on the IB math test. They are both standard level so it's great I only have to take 4 this upcoming year instead of 5 tests. I want to do better with math and beat Michael and Josh. I also very much want to beat them with the physics test. I know that's impossible but hey, it's worth the shot.

I am finally going to start volunteering at AVH for CAS hours. It's about time I start that and I am looking forward to that as well. Hopefully I can see all the hospital action up close.

Doing the foxtrot with Josh has also been a wonderful blessing this summer. It's absolutely fun but very difficult at the same time. I enjoy it so much. Thanks bud.

I also managed to finally get my driving permit. I got a 100 on the test which was pleasant and have been on the road since July 17th. I must warn you though that I am a slow driver. I got honked at the other day and I was absolutely pleased. For some odd reason I was waiting for the first time I would get beeped at for driving slow and I got that wish. Let me tell you I smiled when I heard that beep that was solely intended for me and directed towards my lack of speed. Isn't that great? Why yes, yes it is. I will soon take a picture of my car which is a red Lexus rx300. It's not a bright red but more of a darker tone of it. Ha, you'll see in the picture. I was very grateful to be given that car.

I have also been playing around with the guitar again. I was very happy to be requested to learn a Spanish classical piece by Josh. It is Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. It's an extremely difficult song and at this point I only can play the first 27 seconds but not as fast as the video of course. I have been practicing on an acoustic guitar but hopefully if I get my hands on a classical guitar I can practice this song. I will definitely need a lot of time to learn this piece especially with the technical parts and harmonics but it's a definite treat to listen to. I am also currently looking for a song to cover with singing as well.

I also visited Las Vegas this past weekend for a little break that all my family including myself very much needed. It was really hot and it even rained with lightening. It was funny because the rain droplets were obese yet nice to feel because of the heat. I was walking in the Venetian and the Blue Man group walked past me as I was watching this small musical performance (flute, classical guitar, piano, vocals). It was funny because they were randomly walking around since they had been performing at the Venetian and people had to wait a second to register that they were actually just walking around. I was standing when I turned around and saw all three of them up close. It was great. I didn't take pictures or anything. I guess because I go there a lot I don't take out my camera much. My mom however managed a few photos. I'll try to gather those as soon as I can.

Anyways I am going to stop right here and think of what to say later. I always manage to miss something important and notice it after publishing a post. Hopefully your summer has been safe thus far. Stay sober. :]