Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring Break

Solo and Ensemble Festival occurred yesterday and although I did not get to doing as much as I thought I was, I was pleasantly surprised that we had received a command performance on my duet with Josh (also the only thing I signed up for). We only sight read our piece (Mendelssohn's Concert Piece no. 1 in F minor) once and met up the Tuesday before Solo and Ensemble to play with our accompaniment...and with each other. It was pretty awesome to receive such an honor on little preparation. The whole day was filled with beautiful musicians and pieces and although I had to leave early, I got to hear pretty great stuff. Right after, my family and I headed for a quick visit with family in Vegas. I just got back right now. Staying in a car for so long with lots of people is unpleasant but I slept almost the entire round trip.

Spring break has started and I will cherish it. Doing nothing was what I had in mind and it is going to be exactly what I am doing. Although I have homework, it is still really nice not to be staying for that reason but to stay up and do what I like...playing the guitar and singing. Hah, I encourage all to take a shot at it. You will be surprised.

Shockingly, I am going to prom this year and dragged a few friends to come along with. I bought my dress in Vegas. It wasn't hard. Actually the first dress I saw that was indigo I grabbed, tried on, then bought (which brings me to a total of trying only one dress out for prom). I didn't even look any further because I hate shopping. I like the color of the dress and it is a better alternative then going as animals in zebra/tiger print. Hah, sorry... it was a funny idea at the time. Dressing up as wild animals and then going (and acting as animals as well for the full effect). Prom is at the California Science Center this year (next year it's the AV grounds?) and will be happening on April 4, a Saturday. I figured that saying prom is stupid without ever going to one isn't entirely I thought why not go to one and then say it's stupid. Yes? Hah, not really but we are getting in tuned with some of our fellow IB juniors and who knows...we might crack a smile.

Sadly I am not going on the band trip this year to DC since it was a tough decision between going with family to the Philippines this December or that. I picked the Philippines. Sorry, I won't dwell on it further. It hurts.

I feel so happy that I got some of my awesome friends hooked on Kina Grannis. She's so talented, pretty, and bubbly. Thanks for listening to her and if you guys are remotely interested I could teach you some of her songs to play on the guitar. So far I know Message From Your Heart, Valentine, and Together. I am working on The Goldfish Song and Strong Enough, but I am almost done!

Meh...I'll put up a better post with images later! My guitar is calling.