Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You My Type?

As a supplementary reading assignment in our English class we were allowed to pick a book from a given list. Although I would have loved to read all of them given time and a copy of each book (and also since I like Mr. House's taste in literature) I chose to do The Drunkard's Walk or How Randomness Rules our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow. I am only on page 63 as of now but I have to got to say it is a pretty interesting book. It involves lots of mathematical concepts (especially probability) and goes into many of the common fallacies humans fall to. Don't be afraid to take a piece of paper out and go through the many calculations the author walks you through. I should probably finish the book before recommending it but I haven't got bored yet.

So this week is going to be another week from hell (the other weeks of hell are usually during portfolio time or before a big test(s)). I have the Multicultural Assembly this Friday (freaking out right now), my huge psych experiment due Thursday, and Science Olympiad on Saturday (it's not a big deal though). Lots to do and practice. I'm up for it though. These types of weeks are usually followed by a nice grace period. Well...hopefully. I got clapped on today. That hurt. It's coming along as well as it can. I am still excited to perform and have all the band kids watch since they all come at the same time and tend to sit in the front.

My title comes from the free shirt I got for donating blood last Wednesday. It's an amazing thing to give something as essential as blood (it seems so effortless just lying there) and I would recommend doing it if you of course are healthy, weigh enough, and are okay with needles. I honestly passed out twice the next day (eh I'm a short Filipino girl who was prone to anemia), but it's not scary/painful (I landed safely on my tile floor in my bathroom). Definitely drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids and get some iron into your system as soon as possible (before and after). I also got my "It's my first time!" pin and free food. Josh and I potentially saved 6 lives that day. It's awesome. We were both happy to know that we didn't clot and have no bruises whatsoever. Sorry to those that didn't go through so easily. Hey, it's an amazing thing to do before you die (because we are all going to die someday...kidding). Don't pass out like me though. I'm such a baby.

So a good friend of mine introduced me to Kina Grannis on YouTube. She's a lovely singer and I can't help but be inspired by her thoughtful lyrics. I learned one of her originals "Valentine" by ear. I couldn't stop listening to it although the lyrics are of the cutsie/aww nature. Hey, I'm super emotional and sensitive. Right Josh? If any of you want to hear it, I could go find some guts and sing it to you. I don't have a special rendition but you can hear me butcher it. I got Julia to like it so it must be good.

A shout out to Clark: Hey man, Happy Birthday. I think I've said it through the computer about three times now. Hope you have a good one though. Run free yes? (kidding).

I should be doing homework right now since it is a Sunday evening. I'll just do some math I think. I'll put in some reading tonight too. Perhaps some biology as well. (Not that this is relevant to your life.) Wish everyone a happy, safe week.