Saturday, December 27, 2008

Had a Nice Christmas? Good.

We seriously had been having numerous "parties" at my place. It's been about everyday this week. It's fun now that I have Ryan and his friends come over all the time. They are pretty cool kids(almost 4 or 5 years older than me). We went to Walmart about midnight last night and knowing how quiet I am, they decided to stop the car really fast in the middle of the road and yes they heard me scream. They were laughing that one off for a while. It was unpleasant, but somewhat fun. No, it was unpleasant. I thought we crashed or something. Wouldn't you get scared?! Yes you would.

Oh and I sat down at Walmart and this one really frightening dude sat by me. It was freaky. It was like "uhhh Sheena get up now before he does something...". I slowly got up, smiled at the bum, then ran. Hah. It wasn't obvious at all. They were still laughing at me. Apparently I'm funny or something. I don't think so. It's cool though. I still hang out with them even though whatever I do is funny. It's probably because I'm the youngest. We got home to my place around 2am. They are such a bad influence. It's because they are Filipino that my dad didn't even care. Kidding. Their parents are friends with mine. Problem solved.

On Christmas night, I went with some different Filipino peers (you wouldn't guess who. I was even surprised.) and we went to watch Yes Man with Jim Carrey. Hah I have nothing much to say but well Carrey is still hyper. Calm down. How old are we?
The point of the movie was to open yourself up to opportunities by just simply saying yes to things you wouldn't normally say yes to. Then things you wouldn't even imagine happen to you (good things apparently). You know... all that sappy stuff.

I don't think I like being bored all the time now. At first I was amazed at how much time I had but now it's such a drag. Wish I can join those T of R folk in their practices or visit them or something. I'm so left out. Hah.

I think I want to go to Disneyland soon. I will probably go with some of Ryan's friends. I might get killed and they would laugh. Kidding. It would be fun though. Wouldn't it?

On my IB form for testing it said I was Hispanic. Cruz? Hmmm. I should have left it. I was even more Hispanic than Josh.

I am reading Clockwork Orange right now. Josh suggested it. Hah ( hope you are enjoying WWZ). I love these kind of dystopian society books. Hope you guys really enjoyed Christmas. It's a wonderful day. I am looking forward to New Year's. Let's party okay?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I think it snowed sometime the other day. Hope everyone enjoyed that. I sure did. I will probably upload some pictures soon. It was fun to be a real kid after a while. Snow causes me to become somewhat masochistic but it is all worth it I believe.

I'm pretty excited to attend the Bandfest on the 30th of this month. To hear my friends contribute their wonderful sound to it will be thoroughly rewarding. Can't wait! (plus I'll be hanging out with some college kids. How cool is that. :P) I have my twenty dollars ready.
We had our last day with Mr. Cassady last Wednesday and that really did make me sad. He's such a wonderful teacher and I can't believe we are done with that class. It went by too fast. Although that's bad news, we are done with our first semester of IB! That is pretty exciting and frankly it wasn't that bad. My grades are pretty solid but now that there is news that we are changing the grading scale to some wierd 13-point one I might have to work harder next semester. Yikes.

I get so bored easily but luckily I have my new red electric guitar to play around with. It was supposed to be my Christmas present but hah I don't even know how I got my hands on it. Anyways I don't even play guitar but it's all in good fun.

My parents are more social than I am. I can't even remember how many parties I've been forced to go to with my parents. It's all fine with me as long as they feed me and give me some place to sleep until the party ends. That's what I usually do. Perhaps I even read or do homework given a sufficient amount of light. Speaking of reading, I finished and did my oral commentary on World War Z (a book about Zombie pandemic about to eradicate humanity). I liked the book and it is sort of scary once you look up pictures about it and what not. I recommend you read it if you are looking for something scary? or just plain fun. You know who wins in this war? CUBA haha good ole Fidel Castro. It's quite funny to see how countries react to the Zombie War. If you like history you might even like this one too.
So the title of this post is from the song Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat. (Pris knows what I'm talking about. :) ) I'm trying to learn the female harmony part to it. It's quite fun to try to sing a harmony rather than the melody.We are all kind of lucky in our own way I think. Maybe. I'm pretty grateful for everything.
Well I'm off to go register for the SAT for January. Hopefully I will be taking it on January 24, 2009 over at AVC. I need to study up for it. Enjoy winter break.