Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey, It's Hot Outside

I take it that everyone has noticed the sun and the heat that it releases. It's quite draining but I know that some people (like Michael) who has lived in the snow for large portions of their life rather enjoy this heat. Summer is nice though and has always been my favorite season.

Luckily registration for the new year didn't take as long as three hours as I have been hearing from fellow classmates, but it was pretty boring and waiting wasn't particularly fun or exciting. I got all the classes I had intended on taking which was a blessing. This is how it's looking for my senior year:
  • IB English HL2
  • IB Biology HL2
  • IB History HL1
  • IB Spanish SL
  • AP Physics
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Journalism
  • Marching Band
...Another year of eight classes and sometime in September I will finally get my health credits with an extra supplementary class. That will take four days at the most but my counselor will work it out with my teachers so I don't really have to waste time taking an actual class. All in all, I am very excited to take physics and calc BC. I have been waiting all high school to finally take classes like these. I also share about all my classes with my best buddies so that was also a definite plus for this year. I am prepared for no sleep but I think at the end of the year it's worth looking at solid grades. :]

I also got my IB scores a few weeks ago and I was also very happy to see how I did. I managed to get a 6 on the IB psych test and a 5 on the IB math test. They are both standard level so it's great I only have to take 4 this upcoming year instead of 5 tests. I want to do better with math and beat Michael and Josh. I also very much want to beat them with the physics test. I know that's impossible but hey, it's worth the shot.

I am finally going to start volunteering at AVH for CAS hours. It's about time I start that and I am looking forward to that as well. Hopefully I can see all the hospital action up close.

Doing the foxtrot with Josh has also been a wonderful blessing this summer. It's absolutely fun but very difficult at the same time. I enjoy it so much. Thanks bud.

I also managed to finally get my driving permit. I got a 100 on the test which was pleasant and have been on the road since July 17th. I must warn you though that I am a slow driver. I got honked at the other day and I was absolutely pleased. For some odd reason I was waiting for the first time I would get beeped at for driving slow and I got that wish. Let me tell you I smiled when I heard that beep that was solely intended for me and directed towards my lack of speed. Isn't that great? Why yes, yes it is. I will soon take a picture of my car which is a red Lexus rx300. It's not a bright red but more of a darker tone of it. Ha, you'll see in the picture. I was very grateful to be given that car.

I have also been playing around with the guitar again. I was very happy to be requested to learn a Spanish classical piece by Josh. It is Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. It's an extremely difficult song and at this point I only can play the first 27 seconds but not as fast as the video of course. I have been practicing on an acoustic guitar but hopefully if I get my hands on a classical guitar I can practice this song. I will definitely need a lot of time to learn this piece especially with the technical parts and harmonics but it's a definite treat to listen to. I am also currently looking for a song to cover with singing as well.

I also visited Las Vegas this past weekend for a little break that all my family including myself very much needed. It was really hot and it even rained with lightening. It was funny because the rain droplets were obese yet nice to feel because of the heat. I was walking in the Venetian and the Blue Man group walked past me as I was watching this small musical performance (flute, classical guitar, piano, vocals). It was funny because they were randomly walking around since they had been performing at the Venetian and people had to wait a second to register that they were actually just walking around. I was standing when I turned around and saw all three of them up close. It was great. I didn't take pictures or anything. I guess because I go there a lot I don't take out my camera much. My mom however managed a few photos. I'll try to gather those as soon as I can.

Anyways I am going to stop right here and think of what to say later. I always manage to miss something important and notice it after publishing a post. Hopefully your summer has been safe thus far. Stay sober. :]

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, Summer

So we recently have finished IB ToK and now summer has officially started (somewhat). ToK went by really quick and all in all it wasn't too bad. We had a mock trial, a debate, an essay, and a final speech. I managed to have fun with all of them although public speaking is definitely not my thing. Now to get started on that extended essay....later. Ha, I've heard that Dr. Reti called people during the summer in the past years so it would be pretty interesting if that happened to me. I wouldn't know what to say. Hopefully, it does not happen and chances are I won't even answer it because I simply fail at answering my cell phone or any phone.

On Friday, I took senior pictures. Hah, I missed them on Monday because I have a problem of remembering things but it wasn't any hassle at all. My mom almost started crying when I was taking the cap and gown portion so I basically told her to calm the heck down. Hah, nah I would not say that to my mom but I was quite surprised that she would get emotional so early in the year. It was sweet though. I take awkward pictures.

I also had my first dance session with Josh. We started the foxtrot and needless to say I very much enjoyed it. It's such a classy dance (not that I could ever pull it off) but I thought it was cool that we get to dance to Frank Sinatra type of music. I'm such a beginner but it's nice Josh is willing to put up with me and try this dancing thing out. Despite the fact there are also some strangers who are learning too, it's still quite a fun time. I have calculated a total of 2.5 hours for my CAS hours so far. I definitely need to start practicing to reach that fifty. Ha, I'm not complaining.
I'll also keep updates on the Sagebrush Cafe gig. It's coming together and it looks like we only need to have an informal audition. I just have no idea what songs to pick yet and I'm already quite nervous. As far as when, it's definitely going to be a Friday from 6 to 9 so the best I can do is give a notice that it's going to be a Friday sometime in the next couple of weeks or so. Hopefully things fall through and I'll try to find a convenient day so that everyone can come. It's a pretty small cafe but I think we can all get cozy in there...or not.

Hopefully, I can go to Six Flags this summer with friends. I need to scream incoherently. It's quite a form of venting when you're all bottled up from a long school year.

I should probably just start summer reading and get that AP Calc book. Hah, I feel so happy that I finally caught up with math (although it stills screws me over) but to think I will be taking AP Calc BC just makes me...dorkishly happy. Man, I wish I was cooler.

Surprisingly I don't think I am taking any AVC classes this summer. Ha, it feels weird not to. My summer almost feels incomplete. I really need to find something to do besides sleeping and eating.

So everyone is getting hyped on watching The Office. Ha, it's quite funny to see that but I can't say I don't watch it myself. I again thank my buddy Mike for introducing it. I definitely agree it's quite a funny show and I don't mind watching it for hours. It's always so nice with friends so I am very thankful for that as well.

All right, I don't think I know what else to say at this point so I'll stop here. I'll probably keep blogging in smaller intervals since I have a little more time than usual.

Happy Father's Day and go give daddy a hug. :]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Three Years Down, One Year to Go

All in all, it's quite interesting to have finally arrived at our last chapter of high school. Junior year was definitely a memorable year from meeting wonderful people to strengthening my relationships with those I have already met. IB and its splendid horror is nearly halfway done and despite all the rough nights and painful assignments, it was well worth it. I am very much grateful for another year of solid grades (extremely ecstatic to say the least) and I'm really happy that I was able to learn a bit more about my classmates and friends. In a nutshell, these are some happy moments I thought I would just type out:
  • IB testing (ha, you probably think this is absurd but trust me you'll have fun if you only have one or two to study for. I will probably change my mind once this year unfolds...)

  • Band (somewhat controversial but S/E festival was surprisingly pleasant and overall I enjoyed quality time with people I care about)

  • Playing/singing guitar with some friends (Julia, Jenna, Michael, Christian and Josh to name a few)

  • College trip/tour of California Lutheran University (with Josh and Clark); along with NHS trip to UCSB and small visits to UCSD, UCI, and CSUN

  • Tinikling! (we lost about 95% of our team since they decided to be smart and graduated. I can't wait to do it again next year.)

  • Being introduced to The Office and simply enjoying it after finally understanding the humor behind it all. (I love Kevin's huge pencil.)

  • Competing against Josh in every single class and assignment. Thanks, bud. I'll let you win next year to make you feel better.

  • Meeting wonderful IB kids in my class and establishing stronger, substantial relationships with friends

  • Singing a song on guitar for Mr. Mcq and my IB psych class

It's quite difficult to essentially list them all but in short, I learned a lot more about life and truly did have fun. It was a hard year outside of school, but I really thank those who were there for comfort. It was very much appreciated and once again, I never say thank you enough. I also want thank Julia for inviting me to her church yesterday. Again, it really did make an impact and I hope I can come again.

I am looking forward to this summer although I realized it is in fact quite busy. Besides taking the second half of IB ToK with Dr. Reti ( I really like this guy), I will also be meeting up with my recently graduated friend Jenna Hang to prepare an audition for a musical performance at the Sagebrush Cafe. We decided to do a little collaboration during the year in Nichter's room and we thought it would be pretty neat to do a small perfomance at the cafe on a friday (every friday is Acoustic Music Night). We will most probably be playing guitar and singing a few duets (or at least harmonizing on a few favorite songs) and if I am lucky I might be able to get a ukulele and learn songs on that as well. I am really excited/nervous for it but in any case, everyone is invited to come watch and hear. I'd love to see you there.

For CAS hours and some quality time, I will also be dancing with Josh (foxtrot, tango, etc) during the summer. Even though I will most probably fail, it's one of those things that make me feel really happy and needless to say, I am very excited. I also plan on finishing my extended essay this summer and get volunteering and driving out of the way. If there is any time left, I also want to teach some friends how to make duct tape wallets for even more CAS hours. Overall, its a fun-packed summer and hopefully I still get to hang out with friends and just play guitar all day at random Filipino parties.

Tomorrow our ToK class will be heading down to Pasadena to visit and tour the Norton Simon Museum. I am actually looking forward to it not only because I am beginning to really like Dr. Reti but we get to relax and contemplate about the philosophy of art (ha). At any rate, I will probably end with that note. Ha, let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance. Gee, I'm such a dork.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Prom and Flowers

Let's make this short and straightforward: I went to prom. Hah, that sentence is past tense and I apologize to those who think it's stupid. Although the music choice and grinding was really stupid and uncomfortable, I did manage to enjoy my time. Since it was at the California Science Center, we got to spend a good portion going through the exhibits they had on the second and third floor. We also have pretty awesome friends both in band and IB so overall I must say I had a wonderful night. I went with Josh to prom (hah it looks like we matched but if you look closely our blues are a couple shades off) and I'm pretty glad he came. He was tolerable (kidding) and a very nice gentleman. I'm lucky.

As far as prom itself...it wasn't horrific and the place was actually pretty neat. Josh and I tried to do some form of dancing (hustle, double time cumbia), but besides not having the right music we had great friends there to spend time with. Thanks much for that. We also did the corsage/boutonnière thing..hey it's high school. Hah. Overall we did have fun dressing up and being stupid. I also managed to get lost a lot. Cool stuff. I'll get more picture up here soon.

Besides prom, school has been quite okay. SAT and ACT are coming up in the next couple of months and that's already a handful. Other than that we have some deep poem explication to tackle and some practice IB math tests. All is well.

Anyways, I should be doing homework now considering it's a Monday night. Hope everyone is doing all right.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring Break

Solo and Ensemble Festival occurred yesterday and although I did not get to doing as much as I thought I was, I was pleasantly surprised that we had received a command performance on my duet with Josh (also the only thing I signed up for). We only sight read our piece (Mendelssohn's Concert Piece no. 1 in F minor) once and met up the Tuesday before Solo and Ensemble to play with our accompaniment...and with each other. It was pretty awesome to receive such an honor on little preparation. The whole day was filled with beautiful musicians and pieces and although I had to leave early, I got to hear pretty great stuff. Right after, my family and I headed for a quick visit with family in Vegas. I just got back right now. Staying in a car for so long with lots of people is unpleasant but I slept almost the entire round trip.

Spring break has started and I will cherish it. Doing nothing was what I had in mind and it is going to be exactly what I am doing. Although I have homework, it is still really nice not to be staying for that reason but to stay up and do what I like...playing the guitar and singing. Hah, I encourage all to take a shot at it. You will be surprised.

Shockingly, I am going to prom this year and dragged a few friends to come along with. I bought my dress in Vegas. It wasn't hard. Actually the first dress I saw that was indigo I grabbed, tried on, then bought (which brings me to a total of trying only one dress out for prom). I didn't even look any further because I hate shopping. I like the color of the dress and it is a better alternative then going as animals in zebra/tiger print. Hah, sorry... it was a funny idea at the time. Dressing up as wild animals and then going (and acting as animals as well for the full effect). Prom is at the California Science Center this year (next year it's the AV grounds?) and will be happening on April 4, a Saturday. I figured that saying prom is stupid without ever going to one isn't entirely justified...so I thought why not go to one and then say it's stupid. Yes? Hah, not really but we are getting in tuned with some of our fellow IB juniors and who knows...we might crack a smile.

Sadly I am not going on the band trip this year to DC since it was a tough decision between going with family to the Philippines this December or that. I picked the Philippines. Sorry, I won't dwell on it further. It hurts.

I feel so happy that I got some of my awesome friends hooked on Kina Grannis. She's so talented, pretty, and bubbly. Thanks for listening to her and if you guys are remotely interested I could teach you some of her songs to play on the guitar. So far I know Message From Your Heart, Valentine, and Together. I am working on The Goldfish Song and Strong Enough, but I am almost done!

Meh...I'll put up a better post with images later! My guitar is calling.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You My Type?

As a supplementary reading assignment in our English class we were allowed to pick a book from a given list. Although I would have loved to read all of them given time and a copy of each book (and also since I like Mr. House's taste in literature) I chose to do The Drunkard's Walk or How Randomness Rules our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow. I am only on page 63 as of now but I have to got to say it is a pretty interesting book. It involves lots of mathematical concepts (especially probability) and goes into many of the common fallacies humans fall to. Don't be afraid to take a piece of paper out and go through the many calculations the author walks you through. I should probably finish the book before recommending it but I haven't got bored yet.

So this week is going to be another week from hell (the other weeks of hell are usually during portfolio time or before a big test(s)). I have the Multicultural Assembly this Friday (freaking out right now), my huge psych experiment due Thursday, and Science Olympiad on Saturday (it's not a big deal though). Lots to do and practice. I'm up for it though. These types of weeks are usually followed by a nice grace period. Well...hopefully. I got clapped on today. That hurt. It's coming along as well as it can. I am still excited to perform and have all the band kids watch since they all come at the same time and tend to sit in the front.

My title comes from the free shirt I got for donating blood last Wednesday. It's an amazing thing to give something as essential as blood (it seems so effortless just lying there) and I would recommend doing it if you of course are healthy, weigh enough, and are okay with needles. I honestly passed out twice the next day (eh I'm a short Filipino girl who was prone to anemia), but it's not scary/painful (I landed safely on my tile floor in my bathroom). Definitely drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids and get some iron into your system as soon as possible (before and after). I also got my "It's my first time!" pin and free food. Josh and I potentially saved 6 lives that day. It's awesome. We were both happy to know that we didn't clot and have no bruises whatsoever. Sorry to those that didn't go through so easily. Hey, it's an amazing thing to do before you die (because we are all going to die someday...kidding). Don't pass out like me though. I'm such a baby.

So a good friend of mine introduced me to Kina Grannis on YouTube. She's a lovely singer and I can't help but be inspired by her thoughtful lyrics. I learned one of her originals "Valentine" by ear. I couldn't stop listening to it although the lyrics are of the cutsie/aww nature. Hey, I'm super emotional and sensitive. Right Josh? If any of you want to hear it, I could go find some guts and sing it to you. I don't have a special rendition but you can hear me butcher it. I got Julia to like it so it must be good.

A shout out to Clark: Hey man, Happy Birthday. I think I've said it through the computer about three times now. Hope you have a good one though. Run free yes? (kidding).

I should be doing homework right now since it is a Sunday evening. I'll just do some math I think. I'll put in some reading tonight too. Perhaps some biology as well. (Not that this is relevant to your life.) Wish everyone a happy, safe week.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is Real?

We are well into second semester and we got a lot done these past few weeks. No more killer portfolios and the SAT is done for now. Ha, I'll try not to go into a lot of school stuff because you can basically read Josh's blog and know how school is going. That goes for band news and related paraphernalia as well. District Honor band rehearsals started today and I do very much enjoy our guest conductor Dr. Carnahan. He's actually making me like the pieces we are playing when I initially was not fond of them. Awesome stuff. Our concert is tomorrow.

IB Theory of Knowledge is now installed into our schedules and I must say that class does spark some tension within me. It's an interesting class and I already do like Dr. Reti. He asks pretty deep questions and really makes us kids think. He bakes cakes and runs marathons. Pretty neat I would say.

Tinikling has been running along quite nicely. I love dancing as you probably already know. I think I am obsessed. It is probably unhealthy but it's impossible to hide my enthusiasm.

I am thinking of donating blood soon in this blood drive. I'll post up more specific information soon once I dig up some. I have not done this before and I want a button that says it's my first time. Oh and of course to save at least three lives. It's a noble cause and I am thoroughly excited to do it. I hope I don't have some sort of vulnerability to faint spells since my dad warned me that my mom is prone to that (she also lacks iron). I've had huge bloody noses in the past and I am pretty used to losing a lot of blood. The most that happens is a possible headache. Hopefully I get to do this.

I just woke from a nap right after dance practice. I think I was hypoglycemic. Ha, that scared my parents and myself since it is a bit odd to see me sleeping randomly on the couch when I normally don't. I don't even remember trying to sleep, but I am pretty sure I had a huge headache and could not stand it so I crashed. So they made me eat right away when I woke up (I think my mom shook me awake) and I felt a whole lot better. I totally forgot to eat after band and before practice. I didn't even eat at band even though we had a lunch period. It was awful of me. I'll try to remember to eat. It's sad because I get so caught up with everything else that I learned how to suppress hunger. I've skipped dinner accidentally numerous times and only realize it around ten or eleven. Hah. I will be more conscious.

Anyways I'll leave it at that. Hope you guys have a good Friday and weekend. Stay sober.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Filipino Love

Just recently I joined the Tinikling team at Quartz Hill. I got to say that dancing is becoming one of my favorite things to do. The Tinikling dance involves bamboo sticks where it is performed with dancers (people who jump over the deathly sticks) and clappers (people whose hands get clapped on when a dancer fails to jump over a stick and of course clap the sticks). Although it is pretty dangerous, it's terrifically fun and part of my culture! I'm supposed to dance like a bird in rice terraces or something but I know that a bird is much more graceful than I am. Anyhow, I was first afraid to dance with guy (on top of those moving sticks) but I think I got used to it and pretty glad I did. It's wonderful dancing with the significant other. I am also getting tuned in to my culture and am very proud of it. I have even started using Tagalog around the house. Although I have to think of what to say, I understand my parents and the various soap operas on TV. The Tinikling performance will be seen at the Multicultural Assembly on February 27th. That should be a good show because besides us there is so much more interesting culture out there.

I made Distict Honor Band I think. I am pretty excited since I miss my friends on behalf that I have been brainwashed to love Tinikling as of right now and the people in as well. (Kidding). I hope we get good music.

Finals are finally over. Again, I'm pretty happy about grades. As of now, my first semester is pretty solid and hopefully I can do better next semester because I'm afraid of the new grading system. IB isn't that bad actually.

Although I love my cat, Julius, I do miss my dogs terribly. Hah. Here's a picture of my beloved partner. I talk to this cutie when I have no one else to talk to. (which is often.)

I will be getting to Tinikling practice soon. I should get ready. Hah, I'm so lame for loving this so much. Happy Day!

Oh and thanks so much to Julia for the Angels and Airwaves CDs. It's amazing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here's Your Lifeline

Happy new year to all. Let's make this year great guys. Hopefully.

I've been having this new thing for making duct tape wallets. I thoroughly enjoy it. I kind of suck at making them but I made one for Josh and pretty surprised he hasn't thrown it back at me telling me to remake it. So far so good. Darn it. I forgot to take a picture of it so I can post it up. Sorry. I'll make another one soon then I'll post it. I don't have many colors yet.
(just gray, black, red, and chrome) I want to go and fetch me some other colors soon. I love making these nifty little wallets.

Winter break is coming to a close and honestly I would not mind going back to school considering my unhealthy habits of staying up late, doing nothing, and watching you tube videos.

Solo and Ensemble Festival is coming soon and I'm pretty excited for the little gigs I was invited to do. I'm going to try to do a solo again but I'm really scare of the piece I am considering. You aficionados out there would probably laugh at my attempt to try to do such a song but I sort of fell in love with it when I first heard it. It's by a French composer. I'll have the guts to actually tell you the song later. (hah) We are considering a
Klezmer trio and as far as the duets go it's all Mendelssohn baby. I'll elaborate more on specific stuff and details once I know more. I'll probably post a recording of everything soon too.

Julia and my brother sort have introduced me to Angels and Airwaves. I like the lead singer's voice a lot (Tom Delonge) and so far I like the songs Secret Crowds and Lifeline. I also liked my first Jack's Mannequin song ( Dark Blue). I've played around with singing them and making up chords. Music makes me happy if you didn't already know.

Hope you guys have a good day. I wish I was a more exciting person. I will attempt to be soon. Sorry for the short post.