Monday, May 31, 2010

UCLA, Here I Come...

I forgot I had a blog. Ha, that's my excuse for not updating in quite a long time. Sorry.

Anyways, a lot has changed. This past three months or so of the end of my high school days have been a definite rollercoaster. But really, that's quite all right because I love rollercoasters. So win, win right? Yep.

Well we graduated on May 28, 2010 and I am pretty proud to say I will be attending UCLA in the fall. It was one the hardest decisions I have ever made but I don't regret it one bit and it's real nice to have parent support on the decision. The only sad part is leaving all my closest friends behind...opening up to new people is going to be really hard but I know it has to be done....unfortunately. I'm up for it though. Plus, Josh Kling and Michael Belzil will be at USC...approximately 12-13 miles away. I am so grateful for that. I am going to vist like...everyday.

Oh in the past three months, I did make a really good friend who is now really dear to me. Meet John Young: a dashing, extremely intelligent, hilarious, fun-loving guy. He's pretty much indescribable. I promised I would mention him in my blog and here I am mentioning him. If you want a fun time, hit this guy up. Ha, just kidding. He really is great to be with though and I am pretty grateful he has gotten closer and closer to people who are very close to me as well like Josh and Julia. Thanks, John...for everything.
Sum up of senior year in a list of bullet points:
- College apps
- last year of Tinikling/Multicultural
- senior lunch privileges
- Mrs. Nichter for Biology
- senior prom at The Plaza Hotel
- 4243243 IB/AP tests
- finishing IB crap
- grad practice
- grad night
- graduation
Plus, a whole bunch of stuff I really can't remember at this point but I will eventually.

Anyways, today we had our band alumni concert. It was pretty cool seeing folks we don't get to see everyday. Although, it was pretty short in my opinion it was an honor to play with past qhhs band kids. The music was quite all right. I don't like Swearingen pieces but the Ticheli piece made up for it. Then we all went to in n' out. Score.

Okay, I feel sleepy. I will make a better update soon...probably when I get a new computer! It's pretty exciting...ha, my parents were generous enough to let me get a 15 inch macbook pro for my college days. I will probably be getting it at an apple store in Northridge with a couple of friends. It should be a fun time. One of the things I was looking into was posting my own videos of me attempting to sing and play guitar on youtube using garageband on Macs. I really can't wait...actually I can wait but only for like a week or so.

All righty, I'm done for now. Time goes by pretty fast...I wish it went slower. I want to have a really long summer if you know what I mean. ;]