Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Thing on Your Mind

All right. I have 12 more days left. I cannot wait to start my new life at UCLA.

Anyways, I figure I will be a little more informal here and just use this blog to jot down thoughts I may have from day to day. I will certainly try to do this in college and hopefully put up some pictures of my dorm. That would be cool. The only thing I have packed are my bedding stuff and towels but other than I just have to bring my clothes, guitar, ukulele, my Bible and my mac.  That's all I really need. (:

Recently, I have been listening to this singer/songwriter by the name of Lights. I have developed an acquired taste for her songs and so far my favorite would have to be the acoustic version of her song "The Last Thing on Your Mind." I actually just learned it two hours ago. I love singing it ha. 

Other than playing guitar and being on the computer, I also have been conversing with my cat Julius more. Needless to say, I will him miss a lot when I'm gone. Even though he ignores me and walks away when I call for him, he's still my favorite cat and will always buy him two kinds of treats when I go to the store (because one is just not good enough haha). Maybe I should buy him some UCLA paraphernalia - like a new collar. Yeah, that sounds like a nifty idea because someone stole his previous one. -_-

I feel like eating Cheerios right now but I don't have any. Bummer...well until next time, hope everyone has a happy September. (: