Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Quarter of College [check]

Fall quarter is done and now winter break is here! So far all is well with school and the first season of marching band at UCLA is now over (sadly). Needless to say, I really can't wait until next year. I'm planning on taking hip hop classes at the John Wooden Center and possibly do symphonic band...looking forward to an exciting winter quarter.

However, after one quarter, I've come to really fear midterms and finals. They are indeed extremely stressful and it scares me that I have 42343243 midterms and finals left to take at UCLA. Luckily there are a lot of places to study around the dorms and on campus so basically I just have to study a lot to do well right? Hopefully! Anyways, it sure pays off to take a break once in while. For instance, my building (hedrick summit) held a Furry Friends for Finals event where they brought dogs for us to play with during finals week. Mmmm, I love me some puppies. I did really miss my cat Julius while I was away for those 3-4 months down in LA.

Ahh, so what to do with all this time? Men's basketball game gigs is what! I realized how much more I know about basketball compared to football (although both are very fun). Four winter break games - I'm so there. I guess the only bad part would be driving down to Westwood and back but luckily I'm SoCal so I should not complain. Let's go Bruins!

I've also joined a wonderful Christian ministry at UCLA this quarter called Grace on Campus, commonly referred to as GOC. Every Friday we have worship as a student body and then every Sunday GOC drivers (usually upperclassmen) bring the dormies to Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. Ahhhh, I've met really great people at GOC and I can't wait to partake in my small group next quarter (and hopefully be more involved!).  I've also learned a lot more about the Bible and the sermons at GOC are very convicting. I definitely am grateful for being part of this wonderful ministry brought together to worship such an awesome God. :)

On a random note, I noticed in my diary (yes, I have kept a diary since 5th grade) that I didn't write as much during high school, give or take a few entries. I realized that was when I started up a blog (so really it makes sense).  I just can't write stuff here that is like super top secret...but then again I don't really have secrets to hide. (...or do I? haha)

I am getting rather sleepy so I will keep this post rather short. I wonder how many people from UCLA read this...I doubt anyone even knows I have one. Regardless, blogging is definitely my catharsis sometimes.

P.S - If you're in the AV area and you have nothing to do this winter break, hit me up! Please. :) I sadly have to go back by January 3. (I have a feeling that will come faster than I hope)

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